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Dyce, Adrianna, Steven, Kevin, & Kaitlynn

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Our family has been raising purebred livestock since the turn of the century. More relevantly, Floyd and Alice Bolduc raised, showed and sold purebred Shorthorn cattle since the early 1940s.


Cudlobe Angus was established in 1967 when Dyce bought his first three Angus cows to establish his own herd within the Cudlobe Farms brand.

Dyce's brother, David, also returned home after attending University in the mid 1970's and joined Dyce in raising Angus cattle under the Cudlobe name. There is no greater success to a family business, or to Dyce, than the 40 year partnership with his brother David. Today, along with his son Mathew, and daughter-in-law Adeleen, David successfully operates Cudlobe Angus West.


Over the years Dyce's family has grown marrying his incredible wife Adrianna, and having three children, Steven, Kevin, and Kaitlynn. At the same time, the herd grew from the meager three cows to well over 300 cows. Initially, the operation was highly involved in showing and then selling through private treaty. We now hold or participate in many sales including the "Real Bulls for Real Cowboys" sale held every December and female sale in April.


In the past 15 years, Cudlobe Angus has kept to their roots but expanded the outlook to include the quality of the cattle under the hide. Cudlobe customers are forever in the forefront of our minds and customer service and market parameters have become essential. We now also hold a Cudlobe influenced calf sale every October, giving our clientele the opportunity to market their calves.



"We measure our success by the success of our customers. If you have a problem it's our problem and we handle it."

-Dyce Bolduc


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About Cudlobe
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