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Only place to buy Certified Angus Beef Wholes, Halves, and Quarters straight from the producer in Canada!!! Not only do these beef have to be high AAA or Prime, they also have to meet the strict 10 requirements for Certified Angus Beef ( 


  • $300 Non-refundable Deposit
    • Whole $6.20 / HCW lb (Basic Cut and Wrap included)
    • Halves $6.30 / HCW lb (Basic Cut and Wrap included)
    • Quarters are $6.40 / HCW lb (Basic Cut and Wrap included) 
  • If interested or have questions please add this option to your cart and we will contact you for further information.
  • The most cost-effective way to feed your family the best protein source. 
  • Beef is processed bi-weekly and aged 21 days. 
    • 28 Days hang is available October - February for $20/day
  • Wholes 
    • 550  lb - 1050 lb. hanging weight
  • Halves
  • 300-500 lb. Hanging weight
  • Quarter 
    • 150-270 lb. Hanging weight


Whole Beef: 

  • $4500- $6750. We take a $300 non-refundable deposit and then invoice the remaining balance after the cut order has been made, but prior to delivery. 
  • You choose your own cuts based on the cut sheet provided. You can also contact our processor directly and they will guide you through this process over the phone once your deposit is paid.


  • 480 lb - 630 lb for your freezer depending on size of carcass
  • 80 lbs steaks, 125 lbs roasts, 20 lbs stew meat, 150 lbs ground, 30 lbs short ribs, 18 lbs brisket, etc (plus marrow bones and organ meats).
  • 11 - 12 Large Boxes (17 - 20 cubic feet)
  • Requires deep chest freezer (18 cubic feet)
  • Approximately 225 meals for a family of 4 (1/2 lb servings per person)
  • Retail value of $7,000+


We base our pricing on the hanging weight and grade of the animal. (The hanging weight is taken after the head, hide, feet and organs have been removed). 


Pick Up is available at Cudlobe Angus or can be organized along the hi-way 2 corridor between Airdrie and Lethbridge.


Wholes, Halves and Quarters ( Certified Angus Beef)

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