Pink Sugar

Limited Time Female Sale

It is very rare that we provide the opportunity to purchase one of our top-end registered females. However, with limited grass this summer we made the decision to restrict the number of replacement females we will keep. Because of this, we sorted our heifer calves to find 5 females from various bloodlines and cow families we felt represented our herd. The prices listed are firm prices and reflect what we feel the value of the heifers is,

uga 7k_edited.jpg


Sire : Baldridge Alternative E125

Dam: Cudlobe Enchantress 3E

MGS: Stevenson Bravado 

CE: +12     BW: -0.2     WW: 55     YW: 101

Claw : Top 40%      Foot Angle: Top 8%

Marbling: 0.74     REA: 0.66

If we were still in the show ring this heifer would without a doubt be in the string. She is incredibly eye-appealing with a balanced EPD profile across the board. 

uga 21k_edited.jpg


Sire : GAR Hometown 

Dam: Cudlobe Enchantress 7A

MGS: Cudlobe In Focus 5S

CE: +13     BW: -0.7    WW: 60     YW: 114

Marbling: 1.06     REA: 0.58

The camera absolutely loved this one and she is an absolute sweetheart to work with. The Hometown sons have sold incredibly well and we are very excited to have his first set of daughters calving this coming January. These cattle are smooth built with impressive carcass data. 

uag 4k_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Sire : Cudlobe Deliverance 25G

Dam: Cudlobe Enchantress 87F

MGS: S A V Ten Speed 3022

CE: +12      BW:-0.5    WW: 43    YW: 95

Marbling: 1.25    REA: 0.71

A fancy-fronted feminine-built Deliverance daughter with an extra rib and square hip. A female that not only has the look, but also has a very impressive carcass profile ranked in the top 1% of the breed for marbling and top 10% for Ribeye Area. 

uga 10k_edited.jpg


Sire : Baldridge Alternative E125

Dam: Cudlobe Enchantress 208H

MGS: Stevenson Investment 50040

CE: +9     BW: +0.9     WW: 63    YW: 114

Marbling: 0.63     REA: 0.66

A long-bodied beautifully built female comes from one of my favorite two yearolds. 208H is a female we already consider a brood cow with her tremendous depth of side and beautiful udder structure.

uga 145k_edited.jpg


Sire : Cudlobe Deep Sleep 214G

Dam: Cudlobe Beauty Lass 13D

MGS: Jindra Double Vision 

CE: +9      BW: -0.6    WW: 59     YW: 106

Marbling: 0.70     REA: 0.58

A long-bodied correct built female out of a deep sided, big hipped Elite dam. On the flip side the Deep Sleep sons were a favorite of many in our sale last year and the bull himself is still walking in our pastures and is our go to heifer bull.